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Let us help you “grow in” and deepen your faith! We will have guest speakers, trivia nights, praise and worship, Q and A’s, and more. A relaxed, enjoyable evening of community and fellowship.

Next Event: Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Fr. Charles Obinwa is from Nigeria, Africa. He was ordained to the Catholic priesthood in August 1995 in Nigeria, and came to the United States in Spring 2002, specifically for hip surgery. He is now a priest of the Catholic diocese of Toledo in America. He has served as a Parish priest of St. Joseph’s Catholic church in Fort Jennings, Ohio since 2013, and priest Chaplain of St. Rita’s hospital, Lima, Ohio since 2003.

Fr. Obinwa loves to pray, celebrate the Sacraments, and visit the sick and the dying. He has a special interest in the salvation of souls and in bringing young people to the realization of who they are in the Lord.

Fr. Obinwa will be talking about “Spiritual Warfare” because there are millions of people out there being fiercely attacked but unfortunately, they are wallowing in ignorance and are completely oblivious of what is happening around them. It’s his goal to bring people to the consciousness of unseen supernatural powers/forces around them, in their families, surroundings, etc and how it affects them. Fr. Obinwa wants to energize people to be more prayerful so they may not lose their souls to hell. YES hell is real and you don’t want to be there!!  Hell is for eternity!!! But so is heaven! Many people who call themselves DEVOTED AND COMMITTED CHRISTIANS do not know how to fight the devil, while some are just reckless and careless about their faith. Some engage themselves in “ice cream” prayers without knowing that their prayers are not enough to challenge the devil. The power in the Blood of Jesus (as the weapon of spiritual warfare) will help you engage in the battle. There are countless weapons and people of God must know how to make use of these spiritual weapons to engage in this battle when needed.

The devil is not happy that this talk will happen, so Fr. Obinwa humbly asks you to please pray daily Psalms 35, 57, and 91 for him and for the success of his talk, and for the goal his talk will create in people’s minds. 

We would like to invite you to come early and enjoy a bite to eat or your favorite beverage. You do not have to participate, but feel free to bring any questions for Fr. Obinwa to answer. If you have questions about the evening, please contact Cindy via email at  

Again, this will be held in the Upper Room here at Do Good starting at 7:00 pm. Although we do not take reservations, you can go on to our Do Good Restaurant and Ministry Facebook event page and let us know that you will be attending.

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