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Tip of the Month Recipient | The Annalyn Liette Family

All tips given the month of December will be donated to the Annalyn Liette family of St. Henry. Annalyn is 16 years old and attends St. Henry High school. Her parents are Matt and Carli, her older brother is Zach who attends the University of Toledo, and her younger siblings are Addison and Xavier. On August 14, 2021 Annalyn was in an automobile accident where there were six other people involved who are currently by the grace of God doing well.

Annalyn was critically injured with collapsed lungs, multiple fractures in pelvis, back, skull, neck artery issues, as well as right brain stroke leading to traumatic brain injury. The multiple injuries to her brain have required her to relearn all basic functions of walking, talking, eating, and more. Care flight took her to the Fort Wayne Lutheran Hospital where she stayed in their ICU until the beginning of October. She spent 7 weeks in a coma where during that time doctors were able to stabilize her lungs, stented the right carotid artery, as well as pelvis and back surgeries. After that she was transferred to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus where she is currently rehabilitating.

The hope is to return home in December before Christmas. Mid-November, Annalyn has been able to move her fingers a bit and raise her left arm a few inches. Her therapists say that Annalyn is trying very hard, has a great work ethic, and is very impressed with how far she has come so far and is feeling good with the direction that Annalyn is going. Annalyn is currently working in a state of post-traumatic amnesia as she currently does not know where she is at or what her injuries are as she is relearning how to eat, walk, and talk again. Matt and Carli spend a lot of time with Annalyn at the hospital and they are both overwhelmingly grateful and have pure amazement with their daughter’s progress. When Annalyn returns home it is expected that she will need 24 hour care to start and will be looking for a caretaker for Annalyn and to assist the Liette family with help.

Before the accident, Annalyn worked at Dairy Dream and just started at Gilbert Station. She was in club and high school volleyball, and she loved being a normal 16 year old girl—spending time with her family, boyfriend, and friends as well as listening to music, dancing, and being creative with painting and crafting.

Let us keep the Liette family in our daily prayers, and with the special intention of the continued healing and improvement of Annalyn’s brain. Your generous tip will help cover their medical bills. Thank you and God bless!

December 2021

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