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Tip of the Month Recipient | The Moeller Family

All tips given the month of February will be donated to the Emily Moeller family of Coldwater. Emily is 29 years old, wife to Zack, and mother to John (11) and Annie (8). Emily is a nanny but has to take a lot of time off due to her treatments and the side effects. Zack works at Crown and has been able to use FMLA, but without pay, to help care for his family. Emily suffered from Hodgkin’s lymphoma eight years ago and was in remission, but now has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma a second time. There are multiple lesions throughout her body. She began immunotherapy from mid-October through the end of December 2023. A bone marrow transplant was completed in early January 2024 at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The plan is to be discharged from the hospital in February and do maintenance chemotherapy at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital every three weeks to help reset her immune system. Emily enjoys spending her time reading, playing games with her kids, taking walks, and caring for plants. Let us keep the Moeller family in our daily prayers. Your generous tip will help cover their ongoing medical bills. Thank you and God bless!

February 2024


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