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Tip of the Month Recipient | The Partin-Rockwell Family

All tips given the month of September will support the Partin-Rockwell family. The Partin-Rockwell family is made up of three young boys who all suffer from Autism and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Conner age 10, Xander age 7, and their younger brother Jayden age 4 have all been diagnosed with a progressive neuromuscular disorder (Duchenne MD) that causes loss of motor, pulmonary, and cardiac function. Conner was diagnosed at age 3, Xander was diagnosed in November of 2022, and Jayden was diagnosed at birth along with Pierre Robin Sequence, which is characterized by a small jaw, glossoptosis (tongue that falls back toward the throat) and upper airway obstruction and a cleft palate. Subsequently Jayden had several surgeries after birth. The boys are lovingly cared for by their single mother Rebecca who is their full-time caregiver.

It currently takes Rebecca an hour to prepare to go anywhere with the boys as she must pack necessary accessibility equipment and then disassemble the boys’ wheelchairs so they can fit in her small vehicle. She has to lift the boys in and out of the car and is concerned that she will not be able to physically do this as they get older. It is painful for Conner to be transferred from wheelchair to the vehicle because Duchenne muscular dystrophy breaks down muscle. Rebecca states their greatest need is a vehicle that will allow her to travel more easily with the boys. What they need is a transit-type van with a lift.

Conner is homeschooled, Xander is enrolled in Greenville Public School and has the assistance of an aide, and Jayden is attending Anthony Wayne School which specializes in children with special needs. Rebecca says she tries hard to engage the boys in social activities and attend things that are special to them.

Your donations will help the family to purchase the needed transit van along with other medical expenses. Please keep Conner, Xander, and Jayden in your prayers.

September 2023

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