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Tip of the Month Recipient | Todd Huston Family

All tips given the month of January will be donated to the Todd Huston family of St. Henry. Todd is 56 years old and has worked at Cooper Farms in St. Henry in the maintenance department for 29 years. He is married to Kris who works at Lifetime Vision in Celina. They have four children: Colt (26), Tanner (23), Blake (20), and Brooke (14). Todd was working hard to support his family up until the day before being diagnosed with esophageal cancer. On September 21, 2022 he went to a doctor because he could no longer swallow and was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Todd and Kris took a leave of absence from work. Todd, so he can receive his treatments and Kris to be his caretaker. They make weekly trips to Miami Valley hospitals in Dayton to receive treatments. Todd has gone through 28 days of radiation while at the same time going through 7 rounds of chemotherapy. Due to significant weight loss (he is currently down to 111 pounds) Todd was scheduled to receive a G-tube in early December of 2022. Unfortunately, this procedure had to be postponed because he had bacterial pneumonia and didn’t get rid of that infection until the end of December. Further postponement is required due to a large infection in his knee. On January 10, 2023 Todd is going in for a CT scan to see if his esophagus area is operable. If unable to do a G-tube placement or surgery on his esophagus soon, the doctors suggest a pick-line to help provide nourishment until the surgery to remove the tumor can occur. Once the tumor in the esophagus is removed, his stomach will need to be stretched upward to be reattached to his esophagus. Todd will then have to go through intense rehabilitation to learn how to speak and swallow again. Todd loves hunting, fishing, and riding dirt bikes, all passions he passed onto his sons. Let us keep the Huston family in our daily prayers. Your generous tip will help cover their ongoing medical bills. Thank you and God bless!

January 2023


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