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Tip of the Month Recipient | Ashley and Jeremiah Holthaus Family

All tips given the month of September will be donated to the Ashley Holthaus and her son Jeremiah Holthaus family of Anna. Ashley (37) is married to Brian and mother to Aleik (13), Rose (12), and Jeremiah (5). Aleik and Rose attend Anna Schools, and Jeremiah is a part of the Shelby Hills Pre-School.

Ashley works as the community relations officer at the Women’s Center in Sidney and is the development officer at the Elizabeth New Life Center ministry. In her free time she has volunteered as an EMT for Anna Rescue for the nearly 20 years and loves spending time with her family and friends. In August 2022 Ashley was diagnosed with end-stage 5 renal failure during a routine blood test. She is currently undergoing dialysis three days a week and is in the process for a kidney transplant through OSU.

Ashley’s youngest child Jeremiah is a miracle and great joy to his family and everyone he meets. Jeremiah was born at 25 weeks weighing 1 lb. 1 oz. and measuring 10 inches long. He was on a ventilator for the first 6.5 months of his life. Jeremiah was diagnosed with a condition called fetal ventriculomegaly, which causes enlarged ventricles of the brain. Jeremiah was moved to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus from his birthing hospital and received many platelet transfusions the first six weeks of his life. Jeremiah had his first brain surgery to place a temporary shunt to release the pressure off his brain two days after his birth. He was then diagnosed with bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). He underwent many procedures and has had 24 surgeries in his young life. After spending nine months in intensive care, he was ready to go home. Although he is visually impaired, only seeing lights and shadows, and unable to walk without assistance, he continues to make a positive impact upon all those he meets and is always smiling. Jeremiah is five but he is the size of a two-year-old due to the three types of skeletal dysplasia, but that doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest.

Let us keep the Holthaus family in our daily prayers. Your generous tip will help cover their medical bills. Thank you and God bless!

September 2022

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