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Tip of the Month Recipient | Ryan Osterloh

All tips given the month of April will be donated to Ryan Osterloh of Minster. Ryan is 38 years old, and son of Kenneth and Doris of Egypt. Jason, Josh, and Kim are his older siblings, who have blessed him with eight nieces and nephews.

Ryan was born with aortic stenosis and started cardiac visits at two weeks old. The doctors hoped to wait to do his first surgery until he was an adult as this would reduce the number of heart surgeries he would require valve repair. When he was sixteen years old, at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati, he had a Ross procedure done. They used his pulmonary valve as his aortic valve and then placed a cadaver valve in the pulmonary valve position. This procedure was hoped to last until Ryan was in his fifties, but at 21, Ryan developed an aneurysm in his aortic root which required surgery and the insertion of a mechanical valve. He is required to be on a medication for the rest of his life. Ryan ‘s childhood was fairly normal aside from not being able to participate in competitive and high contact sports. Ryan now works at Kard Welding in Egypt as an estimator, material purchaser, and on-site truck coordinator.

Ryan was admitted to the hospital on November 28, 2022 for lack of energy. On December 2, 2022 the doctors diagnosed him with congestive heart failure, and care flighted him to OSU where he was told he would need open heart surgery and was then transported to Cleveland Clinic. His open-heart surgery took place on December 8, 2022, during which he went into cardiac arrest twice during surgery. After surgery he was on life support for 3-4 days due to organ failure as his body was not getting the oxygen and blood supply it needed. The second week of January 2023 Ryan went into surgery again to receive a pacemaker defibrillator. Since December 2, 2023, Ryan has been on a feeding tube, has a tracheotomy, and on oxygen. Ryan can now walk 400 feet with the assistance of a walker and two physical therapists. He was released from Kindred Acute Care, St. Rita’s Hospital in Lima, and transfered to Rest Haven Skilled Nursing Facility in Greenville. They hope to eventually wean him off the trach mask during the day and ventilator at night. Ryan is looking at months of speech, physical, and occupational therapy before he would be able to return home and back to work.

Ryan likes to play cards, fish, play Keno, and to spend time with friends and family. Let us keep Ryan Osterloh in our daily prayers. Your generous tip will help cover his ongoing medical bills. Thank you and God bless!

April 2023



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