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Tip of the Month Recipient | The Josie and Julia Bruggeman Family

All tips given the month of November will be donated to the Bruggeman family of St. Henry. Meet Julia and Josie, who are the twin daughters of Scott and Kim Bruggeman, and younger sisters to Kinsley. They were born in February 2020 at 29 weeks, which is 11 weeks premature. Julia was born at 2 lb., 3 oz., and Josie was born at 3 lb., 3 oz. After 3 long months in the hospital Josie was able to come home, but she didn’t get to go home with her whole family, as Julia had to stay at the hospital for an additional month before they were united as a family of 5 at home. Julia was born and still has acid reflux which is so bad that it has resulted in her having to eat through a feeding tube which is attached to her stomach. They are hopeful that with time, the problem will resolve itself so she can eat on her own. Both Julia and Josie have congenital heart defects and have to go back for eye tests. Julia just spent 12 days this October battling Covid-19. She was put on oxygen and was sent home wearing the oxygen tube. While Kim was still pregnant, she had to go to two to three doctor appointments a week either at Miami Valley or the University of Cincinnati. Due to that, she and Scott had a lot of missed work, and after the twins were born, Kim didn’t make it back to work until mid-July, and Scott still has not returned to work. Scott spends his days watching his three daughters. Both Julia and Josie are happy, sweet girls who love to watch people and their surroundings. They love to be sat in their chairs where they can see what big sister Kinsley, mom, and dad are doing. They also like to take car rides. Let us keep the Bruggeman family in our daily prayers. Your generous tip will help cover their medical bills. Thank you and God bless!

November 2020



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