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Tip of the Month Recipient | The Laura Conley Family

All tips given the month of July will be donated to the Laura Conley family of New Bremen. She is the daughter of Walter III and Paula, and she is the sister to Walter IV. In Oct. 2020 Laura was in a car accident that left her with a broken neck, paralyzed from the chest down, and limited the use of her hands and fingers. After more than two months in the hospital and rehabilitation, she is now home with her parents. Her mother has been driving Laura to Columbus three times a week for rehabilitation since returning home. Laura has developed a medical condition that will require another surgery and has forced her to reduce her therapy. Laura has a long road to recovery but remains strong and positive. Laura enjoys spending time with family and friends and looks forward to the day when she is strong enough to go on family trips again. She loves animals and is in the process of getting a support dog. Let us keep the Conley family in our daily prayers. Your generous tip will help pay for special needs and the cost of a manual wheelchair. Thank you and God bless!

July 2021

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