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Tip of the Month Recipient | The Grewe Family

All tips given the month of August will be donated to the Amy Grewe family of Botkins. Amy is 40 years old and married to her husband Aaron. Together they have four children, one son Aaden 17, and three daughters Ashlynn 15, Austin 12, and Amrey 9.

Amy had breast cancer in 2019 and beat it at that time, unfortunately the cancer returned in the fall of 2022 when Amy noticed swelling in her lymph nodes in the area of her right arm. Amy went through chemotherapy starting in November and finished with it in March. She had surgery in April at the Stefanie Spielman Center at OSU Medical Center where they removed many of her lymph nodes. The Doctors were unable to remove all the affected lymph nodes, and Amy then started radiation treatments, with the hope that the radiation will kill the cancer in the inoperable areas. The radiation treatments will be finished in mid-August.

Amy developed axillary web syndrome (AWS), a complication known as “cording” after her surgery in April, which resulted in limited use of her right arm and required therapy. Amy was also diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic during her 2019 battle with cancer which complicates her current medical condition.

Amy says her children and her family are her world and is grateful to have been chosen as a Tip of the Month recipient.

Let us keep Amy and the Grewe family in our daily prayers. Your generous tip will help cover their medical bills. Thank you and God bless!

August 2023

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