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Tip of the Month Recipient | The Jacqui Stoner Family

All tips given the month of February through March 15 will be donated to the Jacqui Stoner family of Celina. Jacqui is 38 years old and mother to her three daughters Makayla (16), Jada (14), and Avi (8). While she was pregnant with Makaya, she started having health issues but was not able to do some testing or treatments until the baby was born. At 23 years-old, Jacqui was diagnosed with two inflammatory bowel diseases: Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Jacqui underwent three surgeries in 2009 to remove her large intestine. That same year, her daughter Jada had four different open-heart surgeries to replace a mitralvalve, repair two holes in her heart, and place a pacemaker. In 2010, Jacqui required hip surgery due to the joint being deteriorated from the steroids she needed to take to treat ulcerative colitis. She continued to have flair-ups because of the GI issues and turned septic. The OSU doctors had to do an exploratory surgery to clean up any infection they could find. She was put on home-infusion after that. Today she is now able to do the infusion pens herself, but still needs to get iron infusion at the hospital each week. Due to her Crohn’s, she is in stage 3 kidney failure. She is on TPM, which is a 12-hour nightly infusion that gives her the vitamins and nutrients she needs to keep her weight up. In October 2021, doctors needed to do an emergency surgery and she spent several months in the hospital recuperating. There is hope that in March 2022 she will have a final surgery to remove the jpouch and completely make the ileostomy more permanent by replacing intestine. Jacqui is grateful to her family and friends who have helped her. Unfortunately, she is no longer employed at Woodforest National Bank where she worked for 15 years. Your generous tips will help cover their medical bills. Jacqui’s greatest interest is watching Makayla play softball and volleyball, Jada participate in karate and horseback riding, and watching Avi horseback riding. Let us keep the Stoner family in our daily prayers. Your generous tip will help cover their medical bills. Thank you and God bless!

February-March 15 2022



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