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Tip of the Month Recipient | The Jenny Huddleston Family

All tips given the month of November will be donated to the Jenny Huddleston family of Fort Loramie. Jenny is married to Rob and they have two children—Rayna who is in eight grade and Seth who is in fifth grade. Both Jenny and Rob are chiropractors at Fort Loramie Chiropractic. In 2016 Jenny was first diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2017 she found out that it was back and was stage four because it metastasized in her bones, lungs, and liver. Since the summer of 2021 she is battling ascites (fluid that builds up in abdomen) due to her liver being affected by the cancer. She is having home health care come in three times a week to drain it. Since 2017, she has had continued chemo treatments, both oral and IV. And will continue having chemo treatments until every avenue is exhausted. She is on her seventh different chemo drug since 2017. She has had 35 treatments of radiation in 2016 and 10 treatments of radiation in February 2021. Overall, Jenny has had poor healing from her surgeries, had post surgical swelling, and has had a multitude of reactions from her medications. Jenny enjoys time with her family, she used to do craft shows but due to her health has had to give it up, and as much as she is still able she likes to sew quilts and clothing. Despite the hardships Jenny faces she has remained positive and continues to be an active part of her family and community that she loves so much. Let us keep the Huddleston family in our daily prayers. Your generous tip will help cover their medical bills as some of her chemo medicine is not covered by insurance, alternative therapies, and equipment to help Jenny function. Thank you and God bless!

November 2021



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