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Updated: Oct 4

All tips given in the month of October will be donated to the family of Sawyer Parks. Sawyer is 5 ½ years old and the daughter of Britny Bolinger and Tyler Parks. Sawyer has a sister Payten who is 15. Sawyer was diagnosed on June 1st with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She had been complaining of back pain and her parents thought she might have fallen or pinched a nerve. They took her to their doctor, who did an exam and some blood work. The blood work came back with abnormalities and the doctor referred them to Children’s Hospital in Dayton where she was diagnosed with leukemia and immediately admitted.

Sawyer had surgery two days later to place a port and start treatment. She was released from the hospital on June 7th just in time to celebrate her sisters’ birthday on June 8th. Sawyer was placed on a two-year chemotherapy regime. She receives different forms of chemotherapy in different cycles, at times receiving two chemotherapies at the same time. She also receives chemotherapy through lumbar puncture treatments. Her treatments are weekly for some cycles and every ten days for others.

Sawyer started kindergarten at Arcanum Butler school this fall but only goes to class when her treatment and overall health allows. Sawyer’s mother Britny works as an aide at the same school but is only able to work when Sawyer’s treatments/health permits. Sawyer’s father works as a mail carrier at the Greenville post office.

Sawyer is an outgoing little girl who previously loved to play outside but has not been able to enjoy the outdoors since her diagnosis. She enjoys playing with Polly Pockets and doing puzzles.

Let us keep Sawyer and her family in our daily prayers. Your generous tip will help cover their many medical expenses and bills. Thank you and God bless!!!

October 2023


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