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Tip of the Month Recipient | The Wyatt Donovan Family

All tips given the month of May will be donated to the Wyatt Donovan family of St. Marys. Wyatt is 17 years old, the son of Sally Dixon, and older brother to Logan who is 10 years old. He is a student at St. Marys Memorial High School.

In June 2022 Wyatt experienced ongoing headaches but was given no diagnosis when visiting the doctor. The headaches turned to migraines and followed for weeks then he started eating less, vomiting, wasn’t making sense when he tried to speak, couldn’t open his eyes and having little energy, so his mother took him to the St. Marys ER on June 29, 2022. There, they discovered fluid on his brain, and due to the severity he was immediately sedated and care flighted to Dayton Children’s Hospital (DCH). At DCH, they found three fully developed abscesses on his brain. On July 1, he had brain surgery where the surgeon successfully drained as much as they could on one abscess and hoped that the other two could be taken care of by antibiotics. Because no improvement was shown on his MRI on July 5 he had his second brain surgery where they successfully again drained as much as they could on another abscess. Wyatt spent over a month in the hospital, mostly in the ICU. Because of his limited mobility, blood clots formed in his arm and leg which caused further complications. The antibiotics he was put on were slow acting so the doctors decided to send him home to recover, despite the abscesses remaining the same size and having double vision. The extent of the damage to his brain function is unknown. In October Wyatt was also spent a little over a week in Children’s Nationwide hospital due to developing gall stones and Pancreatitis where he underwent surgery to remove his Gallbladder which could of been caused from all the strong and multiple medications he has been on. The strong medication Wyatt received for 8 months in his IV pick-line has caused much damage to his teeth and he will need much dental repair work. He still has brain swelling and the residual abscess tissue is still there and a cyst is also forming. He gets an MRI every three months to monitor this. He does physical therapy once a week and he is on seizure medication and anti-inflammatory medication for his brain. Wyatt is currently doing online school and receiving additional help with school. His mother is working temporarily from home with UPS as a sales representative, so she can help Wyatt and still provide an income.

Wyatt enjoys baseball, basketball, and football but he is no longer able to play football or any contact sports unfortunately. He enjoys music, riding atvs, paint-balling, and friends and family get together. He played for the Grand Lake Christian team for basketball until the medical issues started. Let us keep the Donovan family in our daily prayers. Your generous tip will help cover their ongoing medical bills. Thank you and God bless!

May 2023



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